The Top IT Certifications to Boost Your Career in 2024

Earning certifications is a badge of hard-earned sweat and time. Is it always clear what cert comes next and when for you? The world wide web is certainly not short of advice and listicles for every potential career and certification path. From your experience in the IT sector, you know good advice comes from quality sources. TechKnowSurge makes it easy.

Pooling from the top IT websites with their own recommendations, TechKnowSurge has compiled the data into digestible information. Looking for the top IT certs for 2024? Are you curious what the leading certification vendors are this year?

Here’s a snapshot along with a preview of recommendations based on your career path:


This is just a quick peek, watch the YouTube video for the full list. 

#5 – PMP, the mastermind’s toolkit—scope, schedule, budget, and resources – you’ll wield them flawlessly, even when the tech world throws curveballs. Trust us, it will happen. 

#8 – AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional or affectionately, the cloud whisperer—from serverless computing to data lakes, you’ll speak the language of the cloud fluently.


Certification categories matter in the world of IT—new definitions for ‘fire alarms’ are continually added to the networking lexicon, threats evolve, and cables eventually talk to themselves. Like current conditions, certification categories adapt to match trends. Here are two popular categories (of six major ones):

#2 – Security Certs

#5 – Data Related Certs

View TechKnowSurge’s video for the remaining cert categories such as cloud and architect and where they rank.  


Certifying organizations aka vendors issue these stamps of knowledge and skills, or as we love to call them, badges of identities. You can never have enough, they say. The certs from vendors can propel your career and gain entry to new possibilities. 

#3 – Google

#5 – Microsoft

#6 – Cisco

Most can rattle off top names—but do they match the data? 

Get a PDF Summary, click here

PDF Summary of Data


Are you a mid-career system administrator or a project manager enthusiast? Perhaps the next cybersecurity evangelist? Should you obtain the A+ or the AWS with Google certificate? Perhaps you only need two more for your LinkedIn profile.

TechKnowSurge has these recommendations for your IT journey in 2024.

Watch TechKnowSurge’s video for all these answers (and because it’s good listening)

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